Vinelis designs and organises a wide range of wine and gastronomy events.

Companies use our events to communicate not only an image of exclusivity and luxury to their customers, thanks to our leisure and fun activities, but also to motivate their teams during their work seminars, incentive meetings, and product presentations, entertain their clients and for their networking needs in general.

Vinelis presents “Dinning in the Dark”, where nothing is as it appears. Not just a meal, but a truly unique, sensual experience.

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Launching Vinelis Bacchus Olympics

A large part of the executive teams of PPG, the world leader in industrial paints for cars, met in Mas Sant Joan of Châteauform, a place of charm and beauty in L’Escala, Girona, to participate in the recently…

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Casino de Madrid Casino de Madrid,  with almost two centuries of history, in the heart of Madrid, is a privileged place where architecture, culture, art, innovation and tradition come together, an ideal venue to organize your next corporate meeting…READ MORE


“The croupiers are great people, great professionals, they are very entertaining and they offered exceptional attention”.

- David Tráfficker de Publicidad de Hearst España

“The croupiers are very friendly, and at all times they help you with hints so you may guess the wines; this makes you enjoy the game, learn about wine and win, which is lots of fun”.

- Araceli QMD Editor

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