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A unique “expertise”…

Wine as a communication tool

Vinelis was established in the year 2000 by Gonzague Masquelier who wanted at first to create a wine tasting club, for friends. Thanks to his winemaking and business skills, his contacts with the great wineries and his innovative spirit, he decides to turn his passion into business. In these 14 years, Vinelis has become the reference company for exclusive services around wine, through two main activities: special wine events and original ideas.

We create the ideal environment for mixing business with pleasure.


Exlusive Wine Events

The exclusive services we offer with the finest wines will enhance your brand image and the loyalty of your customers. Companies use our wine tasting evenings to communicate an image of exclusivity and luxury to their customers. Vinelis designs and organizes a wide range of exclusive events.



Original Ideas

A fun and dynamic range of leisure proposals

Since 2007, Vinelis has been designing and organizing a wide range of fun and dynamic events in its ORIGINAL IDEAS range. These recreational activities allow participants to use their senses, knowledge and wine experiences. Companies use these events to motivate their teams during their work seminars, incentive meetings, and product presentations, entertain their clients and for their networking needs in general.

An international presence

Since its creation Vinelis has designed and produced about 60 events each year in Spain and Europe and since 2011 in China, where we launched the Wine Casino in Macau and Hong Kong, together with our partner Small World Experience.

We create and share an emotion, an exceptional moment, using the finest wines to enhance your brand image

VINELIS success is explained by its unique savoir faire, the result of numerous successful experiences in organizing wine events, and also a significant knowledge of the universe of fine wines. A privileged access to the best wineries and their wines. A real understanding of the desires and expectations of our customers. The public relations component of our events focused on networking and strengthening relationships with customers. A careful and rigorous organization which has enabled us to organize about 60 events and trips each year in recent years.
Clear ethics: The greatest respect for wine, the will to be educational through our rigorous organization and the professionalism of our experts.

VINELIS will involve itself in the organization of your event so that you stop worrying in order to better serve your customers.

Passion for Wine

Gonzague Masquelier was born in Alsace and grew-up in Lyon from where he frequently visited the nearby Burgundy. From a young age he became interested in wine as in his family environment the world of wine is deeply lived. His father and grandfather were collecting wines so he soon discovered the magic of grands crus and developed a passion for fine wines. Gonzague Masquelier resides in Madrid desde 1995. He was educated in the United States, first in the University of North Carolina where he got a Bachelor in Science in Mathematics (1983) then in Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia where he got an MBA (1987). With several diplomas and courses in wine tasting, the last diploma obtained has been the Wine & Spirit Education Trust from l’École du Vin de France in Paris. Before coming to Spain, Gonzague was Blue Helmet in the UN Intervention Forces in Lebanon UNIFIL (1984-1985), worked in Mexico City (1987-1990), Lyon (1991-1992) and Paris (1993-1995). In the year 2000, Gonzague creates VINELIS in Spain thanks to his relations with the great wineries and his capacity for innovation and public relations. VINELIS has managed to position itself as the leading company in the realization of exclusive and unique wine events on the Spanish market.

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