An innovative iniciative that links game and wine into an unforgettable experience

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A great and unique to combine wines and bets in an unforgettable experience…

The Wine Casino is an event usually organized for corporate entertainment that adapts the excitement of gambling to the delicious world of wine and gastronomy. Participants go through various tests and will bet their chips in a real challenge to their senses, memory and above all their luck! Your guests will have a great evening in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. This is the ideal environment in which you can mix business and pleasure in a true relaxed atmosphere.

David – Ad Trafficker in Hearst Spain

“This was my second experience with Vinelis; it is a very dynamic game, great fun, and for those of us that enjoy wine, it is wonderful to play with what you think you know in relation to wine.”

“I felt very comfortable with the test on Wine Aromas and the blind tasting. My challenge for next year is to improve and better stand the test of the Wines of Spain table. I recommend playing VINELIS WINE CASINO to all those who love wine. To Vinelis I suggest they come up with a Champagne Casino!”

“The croupiers are great people, great professionals, they are very entertaining and they offered exceptional attention.”

Game specifications

THE WINE AND GOURMET TESTING TABLESAfter having blind tasted the chosen wine, you will have to place your bet on one of 12 countries or wine regions that appear on the table. Don’t worry! The sommelier will assist you with a series of hints that will make it much easier. This game is not limited to wine and it is frequently organized with beer, cheese, coffee, tea, chocolate, brandy and many other different delicacies.

THE COLOR OF WINE TABLE:  Try to guess the colour of a wine tasted in a dark and opaque wine testing glass. Red, white or rosé? Sounds easy, doesn’t it? That’s what makes it the funniest and most popular betting table of our Wine Casino! Surprisingly, only 2 in 8 players get the right color!

THE WINE AROMAS TABLES: Organized around the NEZ DU VIN method from Jean Lenoir. Participants have to identify and bet their chips on various wine aromas that appear on the playmat. Cinnamon? Clove? Black currant? After smelling the aroma sample given to them by the sommelier, they are invited to choose among 20 possible answers. There is a table for red wines aromas and another one for white wines aromas.

THE WINE ROULLETTE TABLE: Burgundy? Napa Valley? Mendoza? The 37 greatest wine regions of the world appear on this table where luck is your main asset. The croupier spins the wheel. After the ball loses momentum, it will indicate only one winning region. Ready to play? Faites vos jeux, rien ne vas plus!

THE FINAL AUCTION: A fun and crazy auction closes the evening. Players will use their hard won chips to bid for a series of nice wine bottles and other wine related presents. Beware! The richest are not always the winners. For groups above 150 people a raffle is more convenient.

Araceli – QMD editor

“It was fun, I’m very happy, it’s my first experience with VINELIS, and I would definitely repeat. We must have self-confidence, bet fast and strong. Even if you lose your bet, it’s Ok! This is lots of fun, a very enjoyable game.”

“I enjoyed the Aroma table; The Wines of Spain game was a little bit more difficult; I have yet to try the blind tasting in dark glasses. It is an ideal game to learn more about wine. I recommend this event for corporate entertainment. With my friends we teamed together and were able to gather more chips for the final auction. It all ended-up in a wonderful bottle of wine that we shared together.”

“The croupiers are very friendly, and at all times they help you with hints so you may guess the wines; this makes you enjoy the game, learn about wine and win, which is lots of fun.”



At the beginning, all participants receive their chips allowance that will enable them to make their bets since no real money can be exchanged during the event. The dexterity, luck and above all bravery of some players will multiply their earnings and increase their chances to win the coveted prizes in the final auction.

  • The personalized glass holders: RAISE YOUR HANDS!

All players receive their quintessential “hands-free wine tasting kit”. The glass, hooked to an original and much adjusted glass support, will hang around your neck, so that your guests are able to move freely and pleasantly around your event. This glass-holder will be customized –at no extra cost- with the client’s logo or whichever message desired by the hosting company.

  • The testing themes: NOT ONLY WINE!

We have designed the game to be played with wine of course, either with the wines of a single country (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy…) or with a selection of wines from 12 reputed wine producing nations. But the VINELIS WINE CASINO offers this unique entertainment also with BEERS, CHEESES, TEES, COFFEES, LIQUORS, BRANDIES and even MINERAL WATERS.

  • The materials quality: SUPERIOR!

In VINELIS from the outset we have always opted for quality, in particular quality of all materials and quality of the gaming tables specifically designed for VINELIS. We invest in the furniture, large gaming tables designed in exotic Koto wood and homologated at the height of professional casino tables. The design of our Casino table mats is original, thematic and visually easy to identify, especially concerning names, colors and references required by the game.

  • We are experts in logistics!

The constant moving and travelling of our teams to meet the needs of our customers all over the country and all over the continent, has imposed on us the necessity to design the most practical solutions for transportation, protection and setting-up of all our materials in the most effective manner. We are proud to see and present ourselves as real experts in logistics!

  • Casino lamps attached to each table: AMBIENCE CASINO ROYALE

Our Casino lamps that are attached to each gaming table are necessary to recreate the seductive atmosphere of Casino Royale, James Bond style, and give more realism to the game. A small decorative but essential element, so that participants believe they are in one of the elegant gambling halls of Monte-Carlo.


The VINELIS croupiers are prepared animators, actors trained to entertain and motivate in a unique way. They are responsible for integrating all participants in the game, with the sole purpose of getting everyone involved, having fun and learning more about wine in each bet. Dealers set the pace of the game, although they adapt on the fly, depending on the mood and experience of the players in each event.

  • We offer our events in various languages: IN ENGLISH PLEASE!

Given the origin and culture of the creators, we have organized from the beginning to offer our services in multiple languages, primarily English, French and Spanish. Other languages include Chinese, upon request.

  • We move and will deliver this event all over Spain… and THE WORLD!

We produce our events across all of the Iberian Peninsula. VINELIS occasionally also organizes events in different European countries.  Thanks to our multilingual vocation and our Franco-Anglophone culture, the internationalization of the game VINELIS WINE CASINO has led us to be present even in China, Macau and Honk Kong in July 2011.

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