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Wine Casino

The Wine Casino is an event usually organized for corporate entertainment that adapts the excitement of gambling to the delicious world of wine and gastronomy. Read more

Wine Academy

The Wine Academy offers a new, original and innovative concept. The game is set-up as a Team Building Activity that will transform the participants in true oenologists, for one day. Read more 

Bacchus Olimpiads

Team building activities around wine related tests and challenges where the main objective is to find the name of a “mystery wine”.  Read more 

Vinelis Wine Promenade

In its exclusive range VINELIS offers several unique formats of events that enable your company to convey an image of prestige and exclusivity to its customers. Read more 

Wine Tasting Dinner

In its exclusive range of events, VINELIS offers several unique formats of evenings, creating a suitable environment to mix business and pleasure. In addition, we will help your business to convey an image of prestige and exclusivity to its customers. Read more


The Wine PowerQuiz is a game designed to be enjoyed in two formats, either during a wine pairing dinner or during a wine tasting. The animator will propose a series of questions about the wines tasted so that participants will compete against each other.  Read more 

Dinner in the Dark

Just imagine that you cannot see for 60 minutes, that you are abandoning vision in exchange for a new, multi-sensual dining experience. The dining in the dark experience is a gastronomic journey through the realm of the senses. Read more 

Speed tasting

Participants enjoy a pleasant time while overcoming a series of tests. Some of them consist in guessing the colors, varieties, flavors and country of origin of a series of wines that will be given to taste. Read more 

Because wine is not only a taste. It is also fun, culture and leisure.

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