Overcoming tests and wine riddles to guess the name of the “mystery wine”

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A different kind of incentive in which you will discover the potential of your teams

Team building activities around wine related tests and challenges where the main objective is to find the name of a “mystery wine”  Generally held outdoors, this challenge is presented in the form of Wine Olympiads thus promoting each participant talents in a unique way and creating tight-knit and motivated teams

These Olympiads have sport, artistic, skillful activities, all of them related to the wine:

  • The aromas of wines Which team will have the olfactory sensitivity to best identify the different wine aromas in a series of samples of the NEZ DU VIN® from Jean LENOIR.
  • Roll the barrel Will you be able to tame the damned barrel on the curvy circuit?
  • The love harvest Harvesting is a real sport but if you do it with a partner, things get much easier. But by all means, avoid the “grapes of wrath”…
  • The musical grape-treaders The selected team will have to tread the grapes singing their favorite melody, so that they press the required quantity of must, imitating the purest tradition of the past.
  • The color of wines Try to correctly identify the colors of white, rosé and red wines served in dark opaque glasses. Not as easy as you may think.
  • The art of the venencia This is a true challenge from a lovely Andalusian tradition: See if you are able to pour your fino sherry from the venencia like a real Jerez venenciador.
  • Filling and sealing the bottles Fill the bottles, put the cork as fast as you can and keep cool and collected.
  • The cava “remueurs” Impress your rivals! Rotate 60 cava bottles 45º in a record time.
  • The Bacchus drawings Test your creativity and have your team mates guess the wine artifacts you have just drawn on the white board.

Technical specifications

  • The Bacchus Olympiads are designed to be organized outdoors but they can perfectly be set under cover in case of bad weather. .
  • This interactive activity is perfect for groups between 20 and 200 people. .
  • The time required varies between 1h30 and 3h00, depending on the size of the group..
  • Select among ten original and exciting games to compose your own Bacchus Olympiads.
  • Can be organized in English, Spanish and French..

The Bacchus Olympiads will create a true group dynamic and reveal the talents of all protagonists.

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