Unique evenings that convey exclusivity and prestige to your customers

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Designed to create and establish contacts

In its exclusive range VINELIS offers several unique formats of events that enable your company to convey an image of prestige and exclusivity to its customers. Our intention is to help you achieve the communication objectives you may have with your customers. To do this, we will create the ideal environment so that you can mix business with pleasure.

The Vinelis Wine Promenade is an exceptional event in which are staged a large selection of the finest wines. It allows you and your guests to taste a selection of the finest wines in a comfortable and relaxed environment appropriate to create and establish contacts.


  • Format: attendees are standing, allowing great mobility..
  • Informal atmosphere, suitable for business.
  • Suitable for networking events.
  • Recommended for a large number of guests.

This event can be combined with a cocktail or a dinner, where you may include some of the wines of the tasting. The Wine Promenade® is customizable to meet your needs in any situation. Multiple locations or “tasting stations” are organized with exceptional wines, grouped by regions or grapes, among other modalities. Guests wander freely between “tasting stations” while discovering and tasting wines at will. Our experts will be present at all times, to guide the tasting and answer questions arising among the attendees.

Event program

  • Approximately around 8 pm: Champagne and speeches. Our wine expert can make a brief presentation on the different techniques of tasting (optional).
  • About 9 pm: The Wine Promenade will be opened by our experts, on the selected topic. Examples: Rioja vs. Ribera two great vineyards, Bordeaux classics, Old vs. New World, the fashionable new wine regions of Spain, Parker’s 100 points, etc.

The events in our exclusive range are an ideal tool to meet your public relations’ objectives. They convey prestige, and award status to your company and your guests will share an unforgettable evening with you.

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