Enjoy fine wine and dare to exceed PowerQuiz!

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You are in control, you got the power…quiz

The Wine PowerQuiz is a game designed to be enjoyed in two formats, either during a wine pairing dinner or during a wine tasting. The animator will propose a series of questions about the wines tasted so that participants will compete against each other, individually or in teams. So that everyone can participate and have fun, at the start of the event, a brief explanation of wine tasting practices will be held.

Dinner consists of four or five dishes, and each dish is served with a different wine. During and after the tasting process, participants were posed a series of questions about the wines tasted. Responses are collected by remote voting keypads. The Wine PowerQuiz uses individual voting systems, in real time, which enables you to test participants on the wines tasted. The results are instantly shown graphically in PowerPoint slides projected on a large screen. After each five questions set, the results of the best teams and players are displayed. At the end of the game the ranking of winners is projected, both individually and in teams. The best team and best individual player receive nice bottles of wine.  


  • Turnkey solution.
  • Unique, original and fun.
  • Recommended for internal and corporate events.
  • Fosters the spirit of competition.
  • Ideal for teambuilding activities, seminars, training, incentives.
  • Recommended for groups between 15 and 200 people.
  • Realizable in several languages: Spanish, English and French.
  • The duration is approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the format you choose.

A unique entertainment to liven up your dinner. This interactive game will liven up your business dinners and promote competitiveness among participants. No need for heavy logistics, the Wine PowerQuiz is simple to implement. It can be installed quickly anywhere, without the need to reserve additional space, or hire special rooms. Furthermore, it is flexible and customizable as we can include questions about the company itself. A unique entertainment to liven up your dinners and share knowledge, experience and skills.

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