Don’t be afraid of the dark! Come explore a whole new world of the senses.

A different experience where nothing is what it seems ... discovering the secrets of smells, tastes, sounds and textures of food.

Upon arriving, you will be welcomed in a lighted lounge area and given a glass of sparkling cava as our staff will explain the intricacies of dark dining experience. You will be asked to turn off your cellular phone and after your last minutes of sight you will be blindfolded. All participants will then be carefully guided to their dining area.

Without sight, guests will travel to a new world of sensations where their palate, sense of smell, hearing and touch will help them discover what food is in their plate.

Find out what you’ve been missing – after all, the best things in life are not always what you see! You will experience your other senses like never before. Interestingly enough, you also experience your inner cave-person, a world where knife and fork are not necessarily required.



  • Unique and unusual experience..
  • Tests skills in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Does not require particular facilities or installations.



  • Turnkey solution.
  • Challenging, original and fun.
  • Recommended for internal events..
  • Ideal for formation, seminars and trainings.
  • Recommended for groups between 10 and 60 people.
  • Realizable in several languages: Spanish, English and French.
  • The duration is approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Ask us for a budget without obligation

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