Unite your teams, compete and have fun whilst touring a new city

It is a role playing game and resolution of clues that revolves around the world of wine while touring a city. Through challenges, activities and quizzes, participants have to complete a walking tour with different scenarios in the selected city neighborhood.

The gymkhanas combine several games in which participants use their talent and creativity, together with the rest of teammates to try to solve challenges successfully.

Each test will indicate a destination which in turn will be the next scenario where you will find the clues that will take you to the location of the next challenge. Fun, team-bonding activity where companionship, creativity, learning about wine and a nice day of tourism is insured.


  • Union of teams.
  • Discovery of a city.
  • Solutions for large groups.



  • Team cohesion, team-bonding.
  • Can be combined with touristic interests.
  • Recommended for internal events.
  • Ideal for walking tours in city centers.
  • Recommended assistance between 12 and 100 people.
  • Realizable in several languages: Spanish, French and English.
  • Duration is half a day.

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