¡Place your bets, rien ne va plus! An innovative initiative that links gaming and wine tasting into an unforgettable experience

The Wine & Gourmet Casino is an event usually organized for corporate entertainment that adapts the excitement of gambling to the delicious world of wine and gastronomy. Participants go through various tests and bet their chips in a real challenge to their senses, memory and above all their luck!

Your guests will have a great evening in a relaxed and festive ambience, the ideal environment to mix business and pleasure in a true relaxed atmosphere.

The Wine & Gourmet Casino bases its success on the deep-rooted wine culture that exists in our society. Sommeliers and croupiers chosen for their skills and aptitude for entertainment are responsible for entertaining guests with games and activities based on the tasting of wines and other products.

Participants spend a pleasant time betting, guessing and playing on various themes such as colors, varieties, aromas and origins of the wines, in a relaxed atmosphere where personal and professional relationships are encouraged. Finally, thanks to the chips they have gathered, a fun auction is organized among the participants.

We have a wide variety of gaming tables, some related to wine, others to non-alcoholic beverages or gastronomic products.


  • Shared emotions and fun.
  • Wine knowledge is not necessary.
  • Encourages relationships between participants.
  • Interactive animation that brings you closer to the world of wine.


  • Turnkey solution.
  • Unique, original and fun.
  • Gala dinners, networking events, large cocktails .
  • For groups between 10 and 1000 people.
  • Can be organized in several languages: Spanish, English and French.
  • Duration is approximately 1:30.

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