Vinelis makes you the owner of a winery… for a day

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Time for Wine Academy!

The Wine Academy offers a new, original and innovative concept. The game is set-up as a Team Building Activity that will transform the participants in true oenologists, for one day: You are the owners of an imaginary winery in the most famous wine region of Spain – the Ribera del Duero, producing a large selection of different grape varieties. You will work in a team towards the creation of your own wine. All the decisions you will take in the vineyards and at the winery will have important implications on your marketing, commercial and financial strategies.

Become the new Star of the Vinelis Wine Academy

The blending and assembly in fair proportions is one of the crucial moments to create the best wine and win the contest. It is not the only one! It also requires great creativity to invent the brand and draw the label of the wine. The Wine Academy is a fun activity in which attendees are the true protagonists as they learn the wine making process. This unique activity is not limited to a fixed environment. It can be organized anywhere the customer wants, always adapting to his needs.

Three steps teams will have to go through:

  1. First the organizer will present and the teams will achieve – all the required tasks:
    • Choose the type of wine that will be produced: AOC, table wine, etc.
    • Fix the commercial and marketing strategy for their wine.
    • Elaborate their wine by assembling the different grape-varieties. To do this they are given 5 different single-variety-wines and a little lab to mix them.
    • Design the label of their wine and stick it to their wine bottle.
  2. Then the organizer will analyze the economical chances of survival and the business strategies of each winery.
  3. Finally the teams will blind test all created wines and elect their favorite and their worst wine. The wine created by each team may triumph as the Academy’s great reserve or unluckily it’s best vinegar.
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